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Al Fakher

The distinct essence of shisha makes it liked by many hookah lovers worldwide. The prime constituent of shisha is tobacco leaves, mixed with other substances to give their flavoursome taste. These ingredients are generally glycerin, honey, and molasses. In addition, many shisha manufacturers add fruity flavours, making the product hard to resist.

One such company is Al Fakher NZ, which is one of the leading brands of shisha suppliers in many parts of the globe. Al Fakher has an extensive collection of different types of flavoured shisha. We have covered most of the flavours it produces on our website.

If you like basic fruity tastes, you can choose from flavours like blueberry, grape, kiwi, lemon, mango, melon, orange, strawberry, peach, and apricot. However, if you like to experiment with fruity and minty seasoning, there are many options. For example, Al Fakher NZ offers many mixed flavours of fruits with mint, such as orange with mint, super lemon mint, two apples (green and red) with mint, iced raspberry mint, etc.

Furthermore, if you want to go out of the box and experiment with the hookah shisha zests from this brand, you can do that too. Our website offers many such amalgamations that will make you want more. These unique tangs produced by Al Fakher NZ include iced gum, blueberry vanilla ice cream, fusion magic love, and gum with cinnamon.

At Shishaland, we put in our best efforts to assort all your favourite hookah shisha flavours brands under one roof. Thus, we deal with the best flavours of Al Fakher NZ. Most above products are available at a reasonable price of NZ$ 20.99 per 50 g pack. These are excellent choices for testing each essence as a sample. Hence, if you are the kind of smoker who wants to try newer tastes each day, this is the best choice.

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