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Desert Tool Cream Charger 24pk - Watermelon

Flavoured Dessert Tool Cream Chargers 24pk - Watermelon


Flavoured Dessert Tool Cream Charger 24pk

Flavours: Watermelon

Product Features

    • Filled with 7.8g of ultra pure Nitrous Oxide N2O gas
    • New zinc chrome coating (prevents kitchen moisture from causing rust)
    • Hand packed to ensure the highest level of quality control.
    • Manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory with 60+ years experience.
    • Guaranteed no-duds or leakage.
    • New proprietary cleaning methods to guarantee no oily residue or industrial aftertaste.
    • Made of 100% recyclable steel.

Cream Chargers must only be used for cooking purposes only. The risks of such misuse include narcosis, asphyxiation and potentially, death.

Disposable Canister (Note: dispose of empty cartridge only!)

Manufacturers compliance standards & certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO ISO 14001, with TUV, NSF and HACCP.

This product is covered by the Medicines Act 1982 and may only be purchased by genuine users in the catering industry for the purpose of whipping cream. By completing a purchase of this product you confirm that you comply with this restriction and agree that your details will be made available to an Officer of the Ministry of Health upon request.

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